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Welcome to Aromavision

Do you have a vision to create the life of your dreams?

Whether desiring to look after yourself and family using natural products or helping others towards improved well being in a thriving complementary health practice or even creating your own range of retail products for local or even global distribution, we can help.


We are an Aromatherapy Product Making Training Company that runs attended and online training to teach you how to make many different types of product using high grade Blends of Essential Oils.

Our passion is to help you use essential oils safely and effectively whether you are using them personally, for your family and friends or you are a therapist or want to create a range of products for retail.


We use Katseye Blends of Essential Oils


Want to learn to use Essential Oils for personal and home use?

We run half day courses in different locations in England and teach you how to make 3 different products using our full range of Therapeutic and Energetic Essential Oils. Find out more about our aromatherapy product making workshops.

Are you a therapist and want to use Essential Oils in your practice?

aromatherapy-product-makingWe run a one day certified Course that teaches you how to make a full range of products to use with your clients and gives you detailed descriptions on both our 42 Therapeutic and 28 Energetic Blends. Following this one day course, you will be able to make products safely and effectively for your clients and add value to your practice.

Our Blends are holistic and  can treat therapeutically, emotionally and spiritually.

Find out more about our product making course.


Or maybe create your own range of Essential Oil products for retail?

katseye-trainingWe can help you do this too! Come along to our one day Certified Aromatherapy Product Making Course (described above) and take home all you need to begin creating your range straightaway.

We are also able to connect you with our Chemist who can help you with safety and compliance tests so that you can launch your range with full confidence.

Find out more about our training course on making essential oil products for retail.

Please get in touch via the Contact button on this site to find out more.

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